Brazilian born, New York City bred, fashion and design insider, Fabiana Machado, fills every space she enters — whether it’s with her graceful presence or an artful piece of furniture from her soon-to-be-launched, Tbilisi-based design studio — with a refreshing splash of jet-set 70s style.

How has your background influenced your work?

Both of my parents always had a great eye for things and an impeccable taste. It was something that came very natural to them. I grew up admiring these beautiful photographs of my mother traveling the world in the Sixties and Seventies. She worked very hard and her earnings were mostly spent doing that. Even if she didn’t have anyone to come along with she would join these group excursions or take my grandmother along when she could. Her desire to see beauty and get to know different cultures was unbelievable. My father didn’t have that kind of exposure but he was a very curious and very interested man. He was extremely creative and had an incredible eye. He knew exactly what he liked and there was no room for mediocrity with him. Attention to details was something that was ingrained in me very early on.

What’s on your design radar ?

I just recently saw an exhibition of Maria Pergay's work at Demisch Danant in New York and it blew me away. At 86 years of age, she is one of very few designers of her generation that are still actively creating and working today and in my opinion her recent works are even more fascinating than ever before. I deeply admire her perseverance and strength and her endless desire to create and inspire with beauty.

Image via Demisch Danant

What’s your workspace like?

As I am currently living between two cities, my workspace is very mobile at the moment. I have a bag with pretty much everything I need from my sketchbooks, my notebooks, my pencils and rulers, etc. Wherever I am, being in New York or Tbilisi, all I need left is peace and quiet and I’m set. I prefer going through the whole process by hand from the initial sketches to construction drawings so I am very attached to it and I refuse to leave it behind. Once I am more settled, back in Tbilisi, I will most likely have a more proper workspace, but for now it’s working just fine.

“If we really want to be good at what we do, we must always have the desire to learn more, to study more, to discover more. One of life's greatest gifts is curiosity. It enriches us.”

On process: I don’t ever sit down and say, “Today I am going to design a chair made of brass.” Sometimes it starts with one thing and ends up being something different. That’s one of the things I love the most about the creative process.

On Inspiration: I’m highly influenced by the glamour and luxury of the 1970s. And there’s no doubt in my mind that my personal style is an extension of my design vision. I believe if I were designing furniture years ago, my designs would most likely have looked a lot different.

On  personal style: My style has always been a direct extension of my mood at a certain time of my life. From a more alluring “va-va-voom” phase, to a more chaotic and bold print-on-print phase, to a more classic and minimal phase I find myself in now. It’s always been pretty aligned. So much so that very few pieces in my wardrobe have been able to make it through all these “transitions”.

“I immediately go for the classics such as suits and coats. To me there's nothing quite like vintage Yves Saint Laurent, so if I see a vintage YSL, I’m immediately drawn to it. He is my favorite of all time.”

Style Icons?

Bianca Jagger


Betty Catroux

Dream Dinner Party Guests?

(pictured left to right: Warren Buffet, Les Lalannes, Meryl Streep, Nelson Mandela, Woody Allen, Coco Chanel)

Favorite Book?

“The Garden of Eden”  by  

Ernest Hemingway

Favorite Artist?

Lucio Fontana

The “Faves”

Favorite Movie?

“Being There” with Peter Sellers

Favorite Meal?


Favorite Decade for Clothing?

The 60’s!

Favorite city to live in?

New York

Favorite city for inspiration?

Paris + Rome






On That Tip…

Style Tip: Less is More. Always.

Pro Tip: Never leave the house without a smile

Life Tip:

"Choose to be kind over being right and you will be right all the time.”

This is something I truly take into consideration every day of my life.


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Photography by Audrey Amelie

Interview by Felicity Sargent

Special thanks to Rizzoli +  HG Stones